Stop Comparing Yourself with Others

Created by Jabin.M In Psychology 20 May 2022

Comparison is a normal part of human cognition. We often compare ourselves with others to evaluate our strengths, achievements, etc. According to social comparison theory, people have an inborn drive to assess themselves, often compared to others.   For example, students will evaluate their skills, abilities, and academic performance by comparing them to their friends. Mostly, they will notice someone who is performing better than they are. Comparison, to an extent, is advantageous. Comparing yourself to others will help you be more aware of yourself and your strengths. It will also help to develop a competitive mind and motivate you to work harder. However, most people end up with this wrongly. Unconsciously, we will develop a state of jealousy. We will shift our focus to others instead of focusing on ourselves. We may feel that their achievements are happier than ours. So, consciously or unconsciously, we will try to achieve what they have. 

But unfortunately, it will not be our strong point. If so, our success in those areas will be limited. The result will either be an utter failure or an average performance. Here, we leave our strengths and try to grab others’ strengths. While comparing, we focus on only others’ happiness and accomplishments. People show their best and happiest versions to others. So, we may think they enjoy extraordinary lives with no challenges, which is not true.  No one is perfect in this world. We are all unique. Our strengths and weaknesses are also different. So, rather than comparing yourself to others, it would help if you first compared your potential to your effort. Then, you should evaluate your strengths and how you use them. It will help you make progress on your way.  Comparing yourself to others is quite normal for you. But try to use it as motivation. For example, instead of feeling jealous of others’ achievements, think about how they achieved that success or used their potential to level up themselves.  Meanwhile, keep track of your achievements. So that you can realize that you have something to be grateful for, at least one thing, let us compete with what we were yesterday, what we are today, and what we will be tomorrow. Analyze your growth and be proud of it. 

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